The first Derby Local Support Group meeting was held via Zoom on 5th December 2020. Eleven people had requested an interest in joining the meeting and on the day seven people joined the meeting.

I started the meeting by explaining some guidelines for the meeting. We then each had the time to tell the others our story. I told my TN story first, explaining when my TN had first started and my eleven year journey before MVD.

The seven participants then took it in turns to tell their story. After each person had told their story the others asked questions and offered suggestions based on their own experience with TN.

There was then time at the end of the meeting for people to ask any further questions and share any other information.

All the participants were sufferers of TN and consisted of people who had been diagnosed with TN this year to someone who had suffered for 20 years, some that had found success with medication for many years and two people including myself had had MVD.

All participants actively joined in the discussions with the meeting and some were taking notes throughout.

One person reported that the Zoom link didn’t work for them even after copying and pasting the link into their internet browser but all participants did manage to join the meeting without any significant problems.

The meeting last two hours and we concluded the meeting agreeing to another meeting in approximately one month time. Everyone was thankful for the meeting.

Deborah Edwards – Derby Local Support Group Leader