I hosted the first local support group meeting over Zoom and we had 11 members attend. We have very minimal issues with everyone getting logged on to Zoom, except one member who we could not see, but had audio for. I will be touching base with this lovely lady before the next meeting to see if we can get her camera working.

We introduced ourselves and discussed our experiences so far in our journeys with TN. The group were very happy that we now have a support group in the North West and would be happy to meet up in person after coronavirus.

One member was very newly diagnosed (August 2020) and the rest of the group had plenty of experience and thoughts to share with her, including medication they have tried and surgeries they have had.

The group were all keen to take part in more support groups, including larger Zoom meetings for all members. The group also would like to discuss more holistic ways of coping with pain at the next meeting, so I have said I will make a plan for this.

Our next meeting is arranged for Saturday 14thNovember 2pm

Kirsten Cooper – North West Local Support Group Leader