The fourth meeting of the Nottingham TNA Support Group took place on the 6th of February run by John Vanhegan with Helen Clayton as host. Seven attended – including one new face.

Much good news was reported all round. It seems that Lockdown seems to have lowered general stress levels making living with TN easier. In my case, I’ve now enjoyed 2 weeks pain and medication free after over a year on various doses of Tegretol and Pregabalin. Other members reported going through good patches too:

One is still doing well with no medication and regular neck and facial exercises.

Another reported some benefits of embarking on taking vitamin and mineral supplements – especially B12 and Vitamin D.

One is modifying her intake of Tegretol finding that a bedtime dose results in excellent sleep which in turn benefits the following day. It was suggested that she explore the slow-release version to further improve things as they avoid fluctuations in the blood concentration.

Another reported on the ongoing and common struggle of balancing the benefits of medication against the side effects and is managing well.

The “new face” was made very welcome and told us her TN story. After some very frustrating early experiences with dentists, GPs, Neurosurgeons and medication she did some research and with the support of our helpline ended up being referred to University College London Hospitals. She could not have been more complementary about the quality of their care and now manages well with a combination of medication, exercise and learning a new language.

We did a quick non-scientific survey of which side our TN pains were on and we split 50:50.

Our next meeting will be shortly after the next National Zoom meeting which is scheduled for the 11th of March.

John Vanhegan