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Membership of the Association: Please note that your membership will run from whatever date you join the Association until 31 March each year on which date your membership will expire.  We are not able to operate a rolling membership throughout the year as we are too small an organisation. Renewal reminders are sent out in February each year. However, if you join in February or March in any given year your membership will run until 31 March the following year.

Please note that with effect from 1 April 2016 membership of the Association will be increased to £20 for UK members and £25 for overseas members.  Membership has remained at £15 for over 5 years but with annual postage increases and the general running costs of the association, the Executive Committee agreed to this increase at the last Trustees meeting. 


So, why join the TNA?


The benefits:

  • Free Personalised Alert Card*  (Please advise us if the card should be in the name of somebody else -  email:

  • Advice (health, benefits and guidance)

  • Up-to-date medical information (medications & alternative therapies, surgery, preparing for consultations, decision making tools and much more!)

  • Join our TNA forum and chat with over 800 members!

  • Quarterly TNA UK newsletters

  • Exclusive TNA UK publications 

  • Read other patients’ personal stories & experiences

  • Information on Local Support Groups

  • Informative and helpful articles, conference footage and videos

  • Up-to-date research information

  • Volunteering Opportunities


You can join online today by clicking here, or if you prefer to do it by post, then print off and complete the Membership form and, if appropriate, the attached Gift Aid form to send with your cheque.



If you decide you do not wish to join but have derived benefit from the information on this website, please consider making a donation to support others.



*Members all receive a membership/Alert card which can be useful to show if you have a TN pain attack among strangers, or those who don’t understand TN. Not only will it reassure them that it’s not a medical emergency (and stop the well-intentioned ringing for medical assistance) but also let them know you require only some understanding and a quiet place for a while.



Page last updated on 04 Jul 2017