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Reports and Events 2013

26th April 2013 - BASH Educational Meeting on Headache

Meeting Report - Jillie Abbott

Reports and Events 2012

20th September 2012 - Signposting Treatment Pathways, London

Conference - Tricia King

7th July 2012 - Public Service Events, Westminster

A Patient Centred Approach - Tricia King

15th June 2012 - The Royal Scientific and Literary Institution, Bath

Academic Study Day on Therapeutic Knitting - Tricia King

12th June 2012 - National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Patient and Public Involvement Programme - workshop report - Tricia King

30th-31st May - Third EU Societal Impact of Pain, Copenhagen

SIP Symposium - Jilli Abbott

15th - 16th May 2012 - National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Annual Conference Report - Tricia King

24th - 27th April 2012 - British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Liverpool

Jillie Abbott attended the BPS meeting in April and speaking at a workshop chaired by Joanna, ‘Face2Face’.  Mike and his wife Carol kindly manned the TNA stand, for which we have been charged £325 (+ a further £145 for incidentals).  We were offered stand space at the SBNS Spring meeting in Aberdeen but as this was too close to the BPS Meeting, we declined.  However, TNA UK will be represented at Dr Manjit Matharu’s Headache Masterclass on 22nd June by EC member, Clive Clifton.

29th March 2012 - Royal Pharmaceutical Society

What is Value in Healthcare? - Tricia King

29th February 2012 - House of Commons

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Headache Disorder - Jillie Abbott

Reports and Events 2011

6th December 2011 - Meeting with Dr Alex Sinclair, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Attended by Jillie Abbott

Dr Sinclair is the NIHR Clinical Lecturer and Specialist Registrar in Neurology & Neurosciences, School of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, College of Medical & Dental Sciences.  She has a keen interest and expertise in managing the condition and hopes to set up a headache service at the QE next year.  I met her in order to discuss improving the attitude and service for TN patients at the QE.  Dr Sinclar is setting up a headache clinic at the new QE Hospital and has asked that we refer all TN patients direct to her as she has a good understanding, particularly following our meeting.  (Prince Charles was visiting the hospital that day but I didn’t get the opportunity to ask him to be Patron!).

22nd November 2011 - Pain Summit, Westminster Hall

Report - Jillie Abbott.

14th November 2011 - British Pain Society

Patient Liaison Committee Meeting - Tricia King.

10th November 2011 - Patient's Association Network

Annual Meeting -  Tricia King.

19th October 2011 - Pain UK Meeting, London

Attended by Jillie Abbott

Great progress has been made with the setting up of this group.  Since this meeting, the formation of the charity was announced at the Pain Summit on 22nd November.  We have provided Pain UK with our logo, a description of TN, patient stories and a list of suitable quotes, together with TNA’s aims and a list of events for 2012 for their new website which is under development.  Much of this information will also be used by PAE for their press kit at the launch taking place in the EU Parliament on 29th November. A handover has been completed to Tricia King, who kindly volunteered to take over from Jillie Abbott and become a trustee of Pain UK.

18th October 2011 - Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) Meeting, Brussels

Attended by Jillie Abbott

At which the members agreed the constitution, statues, trustees, accounting and banking arrangements, the logo, the launch event in the EU parliament on 29.11.11, the invitees, the media launch and the tool kit.  (Founder member Mary Baker MBE has since now retired as Chair of EFNA and her place has been taken by Audrey Craven, President of the Migraine Assn of Ireland.)

13th October 2011 - BASH Meeting, Torquay

Jillie Abbott was not able to take the TNA stand to this event because the organisers had not booked a large enough room!  However, we sent our two new leaflets to Dr Stuart Weatherby, who incorporated them into the course booklet, and HUK Chairman, Wendy Thomas, mentioned all the HUK members in her presentation.  (Also, Arlene Wilkie of the NA was sent TN leaflets to hand out at this year’s ABN meeting.

National Audit Office Report

TNA UK responded to the NA in relation to their briefing paper for Lord Dubs on the National Audit Office Report on the subject of people with neurological conditions for his debate in the House of Lords.  Jim Fitzpatrick was asked to approach Margaret Hodge on the matter, and we supplied him with a draft introductory letter.

Commissioning Outcomes Framework (COF) Consultation

We also contributed to the NA’s submission to NICE regarding the measurement of indicators that will show how well the NHS is performing and introduce accountability for the NHS Commissioning Board.  The Neurological Alliance has expressed their gratitude to TNA EC members for their valuable contributions.

 Reports and Events 2010

27th July 2010 - House of Commons Adjournmment Debate on Trigeminal Neuralgia - Jim Fitzpatrick MP:


Member of Parliament and fellow TN sufferer, Jim Fitzpatrick, raised a question in the House of Commons Adjournment Debate last year.  This has provoked much interest and action on behalf of members and others over the last few months.  If you would like to see the debate itself, you can watch the video here:


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