The meeting on Thursday 15 April 2021 was a brand-new meeting for the South Wales area.  

Helen Clayton started the meeting by introducing herself and setting out the guidelines for the session. 

I introduced myself and discussed my health journey and my wish to connect with others dealing with the same condition.  

We had several people attend the session.  Everyone expressed their thanks for this session being made available and we had a good discussion.

Everyone shared their story. There was a lot of discussion about medications and the difficulty of managing side effects including weight gain, weight loss, tiredness and cognitive impairment. One member has recently had what seems to be successful surgery.

Everyone attending were keen to keep in touch with the group and I informed everyone that we would like to arrange meetings every couple of months.

I agreed to let everyone know the details of our next meeting by email.

Some members were unable to attend our first meeting but have sent messages to ask to be included in future meetings.

After a very successful launch, I look forward to meeting everyone again by Zoom initially, with the intention of meeting everyone face to face at a suitable location.

If you would like to attend our next meeting, please email