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Can you help us with research?  If, so, please go to the RESEARCH page in the Member’s area.

Can you help us with research?  If so, please go to the RESEARCH page in the Member’s area.



Current information about the TNA UK Office, Medical Advice & Helplines during Pandemic

Please note that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the TNA UK office may not be open as normal.




PLEASE READ THESE SUGGESTIONS: Advice for TN Sufferers concerning Face Masks – July 2020

If you would like to renew your membership or have any queries about your membership we will endeavour to contact you as soon as we are able.

All planned Local Support Group meetings have been cancelled – if you would like to contact any LSG Leader for advice or help, please see details in the Members’ area of the website.  Some meetings are now taking place via Zoom so please do contact the LSG Leaders. All external and internal meetings due to take place in the foreseeable future have also been cancelled though we are hoping to reschedule some for next year.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of TNA UK.   July 2020



TNA UK AGM and Workshop - 2019

Comment from one of our members that attended on Saturday:  Just a line to say thank you to you and all those responsible for yesterday’s conference.  A huge amount of work, I am sure – I was a first timer and I found it helpful and friendly and also encouraging that work is being done to try to find a successful solution to the ghastliness of TN.  

“I would like to say how much I love your reports which I read with interest in every publication you send”   Sheila

“The pack you sent me was extremely useful – it was well put together and thoughtful information”   Catherine

“A fantastic charity offering help and support to a needy and sometimes desperate sufferer”    Linda

“TNA UK is a remarkable organisation.  Thank you for the help and support that you provide”    Alan

“TNA UK is a brilliant resource for help and advice”     Chris

“TNA UK is a life saver and does so much for people”   Tammy

TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA is an extremely severe unilateral episodic facial pain that tends to come and go unpredictably in sudden shock-like attacks. The pain is normally triggered, for example by light touch, and is described as stabbing, shooting, excruciating or burning. It usually lasts for a few seconds but there can be many bursts of pain in quick succession.  There can be slight variations of trigeminal neuralgia which require different treatments.

WE ARE the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK (TNA UK).  We provide information, support and encouragement to those who suffer this excruciatingly painful condition. Our aim is to raise awareness of TN within the medical community and the general public at large.  As a registered charity, TNA UK is entirely dependent on donations and annual membership fees in order to continue its work.  We receive no funding whatsoever from central Government or corporate organisations.

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Norfolk Local Support Group meeting

Pleas.e note that the meeting due to take place in May has now been cancelled

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