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Applying for
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The UK Government offers PIP (Personal Independence Payments) to help those who may have extra costs due to long term conditions. Trigeminal Neuralgia, if severe, could potentially meet the criteria laid down.


What is PIP? PIP (personal independence payments) is a tax-free benefit designed to help those with long-term conditions that have a physical or mental component.


The payments are split into 2 parts:

1. Daily Living             2. Mobility

You may be eligible for one or both of these elements.


What are the PIP rates? According to the Government Website, the weekly rate for the daily living part of PIP is either £60.00 or £89.60.  Furthermore, the weekly rate for the mobility part of PIP is either £23.70 or £62.55.


This is tax free and is not affected by income or savings.

These rates are decided by officials who receive the applications. You will receive a decision letter that will explain the amounts you will receive.


Eligibility Criteria &
Severe Trigeminal Neuralgia


The following table shows the daily living eligibility criteria and the possible relationship to trigeminal neuralgia. Please note that the mobility part of PIP is if you need help going out or moving around, which may not be fully relevant to trigeminal neuralgia.


Please note: The above is not an exhaustive list nor is it the case for every individual with trigeminal neuralgia. Everyone’s experience of this condition will vary. Some people may be able to do more than others.

Where can you apply?

Before applying, it is important to gather all evidence and information. Please ensure any dates you’ve spent in hospital are noted down and that you have spoken with your doctor about the issues you are having, so there is a record in your medical history.


You can apply by telephone by calling: 0800 917 2222

You can apply by post:

  • You can get a form to send information by post (although this can delay the decision on your claim). Write a letter to ask for the form from:
  • Personal Independence Payment New Claims
  • Post Handling Site B, Wolverhampton, WV99 1AH

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