The Cost Of Living Crisis

The Cost Of Living Crisis


As the cold and dark days of winter draw in, UK residents are concerned more than ever about the cost of living crisis, not only the increased cost of Housing and food but heating too as those of us that suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia, deal with cold far worse than anyone else because low temperatures are a definite trigger that can spark a TN attack.





Cost of living, CEO of TNA



The CEO of `the TNA Aneeta Prem has written to all the major energy companies in the UK asking for help with the cost of bills for those suffering from TN.

‘Many Trigeminal Neuralgia suffers are fearful of getting overwhelmed by soaring costs. especially in heating their homes, many people cannot work due to the  debilitating pain are at home, and suffering’



Trigeminal Neuralgia Member Report



A member of TN reported that:


‘I am unable to put my heating on as the cost has gone up 300% in the last year, this means that I am cold and it really does affect the level of pain I suffer. Even in my house, walking down the hall is so chilly that my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain keeps flaring up. I have also had to reduce the amount of food I eat as this is too expensive, I am living on Cup a of Soup and noodles”


Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day October 7 2022

Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day October 7 2022 


Trigeminal Neuralgia is arguably the most painful condition a human being can endure on a continuing basis. I know this because I’m not just TNA-UK CEO – I’m a sufferer as well.
That’s why, on TN Awareness Day, I wanted to use this special opportunity to inform and educate medical professionals, such as dentists, doctors, and nurses, many of whom are not currently aware of the Trigeminal Neuralgia condition – its causes and effects.
You may already have seen that I recently launched a new campaign entitled, #faceoftn, to highlight the condition.

You yourself, or friends and family are invited to join me to draw the representation of the branching trigeminal nerve on the face (not the side experiencing the pain please) in order to shine a light on this hidden, and therefore unnoticed, condition. Please send us your photos and post on social media using the hashtag #faceoftn
You can also ask everyone you know to wear the TNA colour, Teal.
As you see all of these photos posted by other members, you’ll see that you are not alone.  You don’t have to fight this battle on your own.  Together we can be much stronger and more effective.

That’s why I’m delighted our membership has more than doubled since  the last year and a half.
We have a freephone helpline and email help address, answered mainly by fellow sufferers, who truly understand and can give meaningful advice.  Their service is not just for you, the sufferer, but also to assist those who care for you and care about you.
Our Regional Support Group are regular meetings held around the country to enable TN sufferers to meet fellow sufferers, learn from fellow sufferers and care for fellow sufferers in a comfortable environment. As support for TNA-UK has grown we have been able to gain funding to increase the number of our meetings, with comfortable rooms, refreshments.

At TNA-UK. we really want to make a difference not only with the relief of pain but, hopefully, to find a cure.

Text: TNA to 70470 to donate £5.00
If you wish to donate a different amount Text TNA and the amount in a figure ( TNA3 =£3  TNA10 =£10  TNA15 =£15  TNA20
maximum of £20) 

£10 will help towards our helpline  

£20 will pay a membership for someone who is in financial difficulty but needs our help 
With warmest regards



Aneeta Prem