Christmas Donations

Christmas Donations

Christmas donations are the most important time for any charity, this is when family comes together and helps make other people’s lives better. If you are able, the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association would greatly appreciate any donation, large or small for those suffering from what is often called the suicide disease. Donating at this time of year means that we can plan, gather resources for essential services, and make sure that the phone lines are always there for people to call in their time of need.

Remember your loved one this Christmas

Shine a light on your loved ones’ memory this Christmas, by leaving a message, optional photo and dedication to them on this special memory page.

Regional Support Groups


Your donations help support our helpline as we have a freephone number, and regional support groups, these are designed to alleviate isolation and loneliness and help people meet fellow sufferers, knowing you are not completely alone, these also give you help and support in your local area. TNA needs to grow the regional support groups so that we can have a support group in every support group in the united kingdom.


By donating to TNA you can provide a complimentary membership to a Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferer that will give them access to; our national webinars on zoom, where we have the leading experts on trigeminal neuralgia and facial pain, where we discuss the latest research, procedures and the latest help and support available to our members only, with the opportunity to ask questions to the leading neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychologists.


Donating At Christmas


“This year I am not sending Christmas cards to friends and family, as I am not sure they would even arrive, the £50 I would normally spend on Christmas cards, I am donating to TNA, I have sent an email to all of my friends explaining my actions and they are all incredibly positive” due to the rail strike, we have made it easier for you to donate;

ways to renew your Membership and/or make a donation. With our new website being live it’s a good time to check the housekeeping log-in and update any details and check your renewal date.


Renew Online

One of the quickest ways to pay Login with user name and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, click the reset password link or contact the office

Click on the membership area and renew your membership tick the membership required

You can check your membership status by logging in and going to your membership dashboard here you will see the date of expiry. You can also see any orders you have made and update your address and phone number.


Donating Online via the donate button at the top right of your screen. or Click Here.


Renew or Donate Over the Phone

Please contact the office on


Renew or Donate by Post

Please make cheques payable to Trigeminal neuralgia Association UK

And send to

TN Association UK

PO Box 10973


NG16 9GN


25th December

Welcome to the new Trigeminal Neuralgia Association website, I hope that you will find it more interactive and easier to use.


As we approach the festive season, reflecting back on the last year, we launched tea for TNA which was a lovely opportunity to host a tea party to raise awareness and funds while providing those with Trigeminal Neuralgia the opportunity to meet others with the same condition. I’m proud to announce this pilot scheme raised over £5000 and I’m very grateful for all of you that are baking, organising, and attending. I hope we can grow this in the following years with your help and support.


As you are aware, we were forced to postpone our AGM and national conference, and this is now scheduled for the 14th of January 2023, we are grateful for all of your understanding regarding the postponing due to the rail strike.


October 7th being the national Trigeminal neuralgia day, our face of TN campaign has raised awareness thought provoking questions and being able to visually illustrate how having this affliction feels. We gained international support from people around the world and their families by drawing the Trigeminal nerve on their faces to show their support. In October, this is something we will be pursuing and hopefully will grow into a massive awareness campaign for the sufferers of trigeminal neuralgia.


Your winter magazine is on its way and we have some exciting news inside for you to discover.


Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year, if you need help and support, please call our freephone number: 0800 999 1899 option 1 to speak to our dedicated volunteers,  or you can email [email protected]


Thank you all for your memberships and your continued donations


As ever

Aneeta Prem

Supporting Trigeminal Neuralgia

Supporting Someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) 

Trigeminal neuralgia can have a profound effect on not only the individual suffering but also on close friends and family. Trigeminal Neuralgia is unpredictable and therefore can be difficult to cope with, both for the patient and the carer. Not knowing when the next attack will strike can cause fear and depression. However, some mechanisms can be used in supporting Trigeminal Neuralgia pain. And therefore improve the life of the patient and carer.

To the outside world, it is difficult for people to comprehend exactly what Trigeminal Neuralgia is. Trigeminal Neuralgia pain can differ, during an attack, it can be almost debilitating. As a carer, you need to be the key in supporting their Trigeminal Neuralgia and explain to others what is happening if an attack should occur outside of the home.

Signs of an attack

You, as the carer, will be aware of some of the indications of a Trigeminal Neuralgia attack:

Whilst Trigeminal Neuralgia can occur without provocation, usually, an attack is brought on by a trigger. For example, a trigger could be a cold wind blowing against the face, brushing one’s teeth or eating a meal. The sufferer will tend to avoid the triggers, not wishing to bring on an attack. Therefore, it is important to think of ways around these issues. As it is paramount that the sufferer can continue to lead as normal a life as possible.


Research into supporting Trigeminal Neuralgia, and building your knowledge



Medications and Treatment



Living A Normal Life



Other ways of supporting Trigeminal Neuralgia



Attending Medical appointments



Look After Yourself