January 2023

Dear Friends and Members,

Firstly, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and managed to be pain-free. I wish you and your friends and family a very Happy New Year.

Our helpline has been a lifeline of support and companionship over Christmas and new year. We are very grateful for our wonderful volunteers that give up their time and expertise to serve.

As we move into 2023 we are committed to offering help and support when you most need it, as well as continuing to grow our membership of supporters. We will face the challenges of TN and facial pain with new enthusiasm and passion and continue raising awareness.

I hope you enjoy reading the Winter edition of your TN Facial Pain Magazine which has arrived (or will do shortly). There are many things to look forward to as the charity moves forward and takes on two new co-chairs of the Medical Advisory Board.
In December I really enjoyed meeting the vibrant London group in person and the lovely Norfolk group. It was a lovely social event where we shared experiences and started to make friendships to reduce the isolation that TNA so often causes. One of our members in Norwich told me that “This is the first time I have ever met anyone else with TN. I left feeling less lonely, valued and strengthened. I would encourage everyone to try and attend and meet, feel supported and share experiences.”

New Year’s Resolutions, and choosing some that will be achievable and sustainable for me! We are launching the One Million Steps for TN challenge and so I am focusing on trying to become more active and fitter through that and hope that you might like to join me in that challenge. I know we can’t all venture out, so racking up steps at home or in a shopping centre counts. You will need a smartphone with a step app or a pedometer and I am going to start with a target of 1,000 steps per day and try to work gradually towards 10,000. I really do hope that friends and family might sponsor this activity and perhaps even join in too!

I have recently become aware of a food sharing App called Olio which can be downloaded onto your phone. The idea behind it is to reduce waste and food that supermarkets and sandwich shops have left over at the end of the day and are unable to give to charities. Food Waste Heroes are Olio volunteers who collect from the shop and then distribute from their house. There is no means of testing, just a wish to reduce food waste. You’re asked only to request what you can use and to be polite! Once you’ve agreed on a pick-up then you go to the Hero’s house and do a doorstep collection.

With my very best wishes for 2023