Firstly, thank you for considering raising funds in aid of TNA UK and its sufferers.  As a registered charity, TNA UK is entirely dependent on donations and annual membership fees in order to continue its work. We receive no funding whatsoever from central Government or corporate organisations, and are therefore totally dependent on charitable donations from people like you, so the fact that you are reading this page is of great significance to us.

We assume that you have already decided that fundraising might be of interest but maybe you now need some encouragement to get yourself going.

There are so many things that you can do and in order to help you out we have provided you with some ideas that you might want to consider and alongside this, you will also find help on how to set about organising an event or challenge.  The suggestions below cover a full range of ideas from the absurd-but-fun to more sophisticated activities such as wine tasting or cheese and wine parties so hopefully you find there is something to appeal to you.

Whatever you decide, the important thing is to find what suits your interests and available time and most of all, to have an enormous amount of fun doing it. Don’t forget to find out where the money you’re raising goes – see the ‘Where your money goes’ tab.

So let’s start the fun and get the ball rolling! Check out the information below:

Ideas & Inspiration

Ideas:- Music Evening : Barn Dance : Carol Singing
Consider: Day or night? Decide when and where you want to hold it. If you plan to hire a venue make sure that it is cost effective. Try speaking to friends and family to find out if they can help you locate or loan a venue. Tell people that you are organising an event and you will discover that many people will waive fees to help out. It is always wise to ask.
If you are organising a venue outside but in, say a marquee or a barn, bear in mind the temperature. It may cost you a substantial amount of money to heat the barn or marquee to a temperature which is comfortable for everyone.

Ideas:- Abseiling: Skydiving: White Water Rafting: Paint Balling: Running: Hiking: Cycling: Climbing the 3 peaks:
Consider:- Are you being realistic? Are you fit enough? Do you have a good chance of completing the challenge? More importantly if you intend to participate in any adrenalin or extreme sport we strongly recommend that you are adequately insured and that you do everything under the guidance of a professional. If you are organising the event for a large number of people will you need to get roads closed, permission to congregate in parks or catering organised? Always carry out a risk assessment first.

Ideas:- Afternoon Tea: Coffee Mornings: Bake Offs
Consider:- Do you have enough tables and chairs for people to sit on? If you are hoping to have a lot of visitors do the event earlier in the day so that you have time to clear up the mess afterwards. When people are using kettles and ovens make sure that you have carried out a Risk Assessment first.

Ideas:- Bingo: Raffles: Wine Tasting: Cheese and Wine Party
Consider:- Who will come? Who will be involved in organising it – don’t forget, many hands make light work. Do you need a license?

Ideas:- Treasure Hunts: Quiz Nights: Golf Challenge
Consider:- Tell your local shops, church or schools what you are doing and ask them if they might be willing to provide you with a prize. Charge for participation.

Ideas:- Bring and Buy sale: Book Sale: Knitting and Sewing Sale: Cake Sale: Jumble Sales: Christmas Fayre
Consider:- Where will you hold it? Do you need permission? Where will you get the stock from? How will you advertise it? Can you get another body involved? e.g. local church, etc.

Ideas:- Mowing: Shoe Shine: Dryathlon (give up alcohol for a month): lose weight: Ice Bucket Challenge: 24 hour fast: Guess the Number
Consider:- When mowing can you use the householders equipment (e.g. lawnmower) or will you use your own? Do you have a vehicle big enough to transport your equipment? If you are mowing, charge per length of the garden or if shining shoes, per shoe. When ‘guessing the number’ charge per guess. If you intend to lose weight or do a 24 hour fast, don’t choose to do this if you may make yourself ill. Can you last all day without food and not faint?

Ideas:- Challenge the Boss, Cake sales and baking day, dress down day.
Consider: Get permission from your workplace so that they understand what you are doing and why. They may even help to promote your event. You may chose to challenge your boss to do something but check with your boss first to make sure he/she is happy to help out.
You might decide to charge a fee to dress down or conversely dress up in crazy outfits or what about bringing some laughter into the workplace by ‘soaking the boss’? Your boss might be willing to allow staff to throw wet sponges at them for a charge but do make sure the boss is at a ‘safe’ distance – we don’t want them to be injured by over-zealous employees!
If you opt to do a cake sale or baking day ask your colleagues to help make a variety of cakes so that you can spread the cost.
Ask your employer if they have a match giving scheme. They could make a huge difference to your fundraising by doubling the money raised. If they don’t do this you could always ask why not.


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NB Ensure that you set up the donation account so that any sponsors can make a donation quickly and easily and include a link.
TNA UK is very grateful for all donations and appreciates the fundraising efforts, small or large, undertaken by members and non-members. Thank you!

You might like to know some interesting statistics about fundraising:

Would you like a free Fundraising Pack?

To request a fundraising pack by post, just email [email protected] with your proposed fundraising idea and postal address. Alternatively, complete the blank document found here to tell us about your idea.

You can also use this sponsorship form which has been approved by HMRC to allow accurate recording of the donations you raise – this can be found here.

The contents of your Fundraising Pack:
TNA UK Collecting Boxes/Donation envelopes/plus a T-shirt if you tell us your size (S/M/L)
TNA UK literature and posters
Just Giving tips
Gift Aid form/Sponsorship form/Standing order form

We hope that whatever activity you undertook to raise funds in aid of TNA UK that it was enjoyable – even if some of the more strenuous ones gave you pause for thought!  Please let us know how you got on and, if you have any photos, even better.

We are delighted that member Cheryl was able to fundraise for TNA UK: “I am thrilled to report that my husband and myself completed the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday 1st October 2017 in aid of the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK.  My husband in 1:46:48 and myself in 2:42:07. In May 2012, I underwent MVD Surgery for my TN which I am pleased to report was 100% successful.  Prior to surgery I was struggling to even walk at times due to the pain from the impact of my foot touching the floor and the pain shooting up my face so I am thankful to be well enough to run and I will always appreciate how lucky I am for this. I wanted to raise money for the TNA but more importantly I wanted to raise awareness for the condition, which I believe I have achieved.”

Martin Oshaughnessy:                                                                                                              “I am glad to say that we completed our bike ride from Clitheroe in Lancashire to Scarborough in North Yorkshire return on the weekend Saturday 3rd /4th September 2016. The 220 mile round trip, in aid TNA UK was enjoyable yet at the same time tiring. All the lads that rode were fully committed to the cause and because of this, more and more people in our area and beyond are becoming aware of an illness they had previously not heard of. I have a rather personal interest in this charity as my wife has been diagnosed with TN since 2009 and who knows how long she has actually suffered from the illness. We both know the hardships that TN sufferers and their families have to deal with on a daily basis. We hope the money raised can help support other sufferers and we look forward to the next fund raising adventure.”


Audrey Hellen: “My mum suffered with this for many years culminating in a neuro op and pain relief. She found the association very useful as a source of information. I decided to swim Lake Annecy as a personal challenge and thought I could see if I could fundraise at the same time.   My mum was the inspiration for me in swimming Lake Annecy. I am a keen open water swimmer but to date the furthest I had swum was 5k. I decided to attempt Lake Annecy in France which is 14.5k as it is a beautiful lake in a spectacular setting. I wanted to see if I could raise some money for the association which helped my mum so much when she was suffering with the neuralgia. After 3 hrs of swimming when I wanted to give up and I was crying in the water the thought of the people who had donated inspired me to keep going. It was a huge mental challenge and proved to me that no one knows what they are capable of until you push yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was 8 hrs of continual swimming and I would do it again in a flash. I hope the association benefits and keep up the excellent service. Many thanks Audrey”

Here are some of our recent fundraisers – thank you for all their amazing efforts and achievements:

Rhiannon Little – her brave parents undertook a zip wire challenge and raised money for TNA UK!

Member Nicola Lingley –Heath – had a very busy weekend in September, not only completing two running events but also organising an evening at her local pub with raffles etc.   Well done Nicola!





Member Sue Evans held a sponsored “Chop the Mop” event – here are the before and after photos:


 Carl Pilato had an amazing adventure and raised money by reaching Everest Base Camp!

Anthony McGlade and his friends cycled to Paris:

Susan Hayhow completed the Windsor half marathon!

Sarah Vause completed her third marathon in October by running in the Chicago Marathon. “I have a personal ambition to run every Major Marathon. Chicago was my third and this time I chose to run for the TNA. Two years ago my Mum was diagnosed with TN. I confess before then I had not heard of the disease. When the condition has been at its worst for my Mum it renders her bed bound in the most excruciating pain. She continues to fight her symptoms and explore relief options. As well as raising money for this fantastic charity, I also wanted to increase awareness of the condition”.


Whilst not strictly ‘fundraising’ in the accepted sense of the word, leaving a gift to TNA UK in your Will is a simple and easy way to ensure the continuation of the work we do which has helped so many sufferers and will provide information and support for years to come.

The leaflet regarding writing a Will is available here and may be downloaded as required.