King’s Coronation

Coffee, Cakes, and Quiche, for the King’s Coronation

Turning Your King’s Coronation Celebrations into a Fundraising Opportunity

Are you excited about celebrating King’s Coronation with your friends, family, and neighbours? How about adding a charitable twist to your festivities by turning them into an opportunity to raise awareness and funds?

1. Introducing the Concept

Before delving into the specific ideas, it’s essential to introduce the concept of fundraising and why it’s crucial. Explaining how charitable donations and contributions can help make a difference in people’s lives can encourage your guests to get involved and contribute to the cause.

2. Choosing a Cause

Selecting a cause that aligns with your values and resonates with your guests is crucial.  Supports TNA  health, support and research.

3. Donations Instead of Gifts

Instead of bringing gifts to the celebration, guests can donate to TNA UK. Encouraging your guests to contribute to the cause instead of bringing gifts can make a significant impact on the success of the fundraiser.

4. Cake and Bake Sale

King's Coronation
King’s Coronation

What’s a celebration without cake and pastries? Why not turn your love for cakes and bakes into an opportunity to raise funds?  You can set up a cake and bake sale booth at the celebration and invite your guests to indulge in some sweet treats.

5. Charity Auction at the King’s Coronation

A charity auction can add a touch of excitement and thrill to the celebration while also raising funds for charity. Guests can bid on various items, such as artwork, jewellery, or collectables, and the proceeds can go to the TNA-UK.

6. Raffle

A raffle can be an excellent way to raise funds for charity while also providing guests with a chance to win exciting prizes. You can sell raffle tickets to guests, and the winner can take home a coveted prize while also contributing to the cause.

7. Games and Activities

Adding games and activities to the celebration can make it more engaging and interactive while also raising funds for TNA. You can set up a carnival-style game booth or host a charity sports tournament where participants can donate to the cause to participate.

8. Social Media Campaign

Leveraging the power of social media can help raise awareness about the cause and encourage more people to contribute to the fundraiser. You can create a social media campaign and share posts, stories, and updates about the fundraiser,

9. Donation Matching

Donation matching can help double the impact of the fundraiser. You can reach out to corporate sponsors or high-net-worth individuals and request them to match the donations made by your guests.

10. Volunteer Opportunities

Providing your guests with opportunities to volunteer for TNA UK. This can help deepen their engagement and commitment to the cause. You can share information about volunteering opportunities and encourage your guests to get involved.

11. Thank You Notes

Thanking your guests for their contributions and support can help show your appreciation and also encourage them to participate in future fundraising events. Sending personalised thank you notes or messages to each guest This can help make them feel valued and connected to the cause.

12. Tracking Progress

Keeping track of the funds raised and the impact they are making can help motivate your guests and encourage them to contribute more. Sharing updates and progress reports on the fundraiser and the cause can help demonstrate the impact of their contributions