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One Million Steps for TNA

One Million Steps For TNA


As we approach the New Year my thoughts turn to New Year’s Resolutions, and choosing some that will be achievable and sustainable for me! We are launching the One Million Steps for TNA so that we can all focus on trying to become more active and fitter throughout the next year, and I hope that you might like to join me in that challenge.


I know we can’t all venture out, so racking up steps at home or in a shopping centre counts towards your goal. You will need a smartphone with a step-counting app or a pedometer. I am going to start with a target of 1,000 steps per day and try to work gradually towards 10,000 per day. I really do hope that friends and family might sponsor this activity and perhaps even join in too!


Once you have your sponsors and have completed your walk please donate to our gift aid Here and show your commitment to those with Trigeminal Neuralgia.




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