TNA National Conference and AGM

TNA National Conference and AGM


14th of January 2023 Is the new date for the TNA national conference and AGM, It will take place at Copthorne Tara High Street Kensington

TNA National Conference Details

The registration will be from 9 am and refreshments will be available. This will then go straight into the TNA National Conference;

Trigeminal Neuralgia Conference 

14th January 2023, High Street Kensington London


I am immensely looking forward to our annual TNA conference on 14 January 2023. We have managed to secure the leading experts in their fields who have confirmed their attendance at the conference.

I am looking forward to meeting those of you who can attend on the day.


Timetable for Conference

Introduction Aneeta Prem, CEO

Presentation on the new Chairs of the Medical Advisory Board presenting their visions for TNA,  Giorgio Lambru and Mr Sinan Barazi.

Dental causes of facial pain Francis O’Neill, Consultant in Oral Surgery

Trigeminal Neuralgia and Multiple Sclerosis David Martin, CEO of MS Trust and Chair of the Neurological Alliance

Trigeminal neuralgia diagnosis and management Giorgio Lambru, Consultant Neurologist

Surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia Sinan Barazi, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Psychological treatment of facial pain Linda Fisher, Chartered Psychologist

Patient panel

Temporo-mandibular joint disorders and facial pain Luke Cascarini, Consultant Maxillo-Facial surgeon

Cannabinoids in facial pain: what is their role? Mark Weatherall, Consultant Neurologist

Presentations of trophies for fundraisers

MAB panel discussion and closure By MAB Chairs and CEO.




For many people attending the conference, this will be the first time they are meeting someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Those who attend the TNA National Conference last year was the start of making life-long friends;

“I was surrounded by people who just understood what I was going through. The day was so informative and I learned so much.”